The Horror! The Horror!

22 Jan 2016

Secret Agent Mummy book 3 – Hieroglyphs of Horror – is out now!

Clara here loves reading about other dogs, so she particularly likes the parts where Mumbum battles a mysterious creature called ‘Bogpipes’…

Steve Cole - Hieroglyphs of horror

Who is Bogpipes? You have to read the book to find out!

There’s an evil crocodile god called Sobek who is Sam’s most powerful foe yet… and also a very aggressive Scottish Secret Agent McMummy bursting in on the scene!

I had a lot of fun with this book and I hope you’ll enjoy it. Meanwhile, watch out for the fourth SAM book which comes out later this year – THE GHOST OF KING TUT!



  • This is a bit out of place, but . . .

    You probably get this a lot. I’m of big fan of THE HUNTING, totally LOVE it (especially Zed), a bit confused too (what happened to te relationship between Zed and Mr. Adlar? Was there any relationship to speak of?) but mostly, the series is AWESOME.

    Ok, my point:
    I’ve heard from a rather unreliable source (or so I think) that you’ve allegedly sold the Z. Rex book to Dreamworks Animation, and they’re making it into a movie. I’m really excited, but it’s been quite a number of years, so is the movie coming out soon, or is my source actually unreliable? Please reply quickly, because the only thing better than a fourth book in the series (or a novella) is a movie.

    Thanks a lot,

    • hi – I did indeed sell Z Rex to Dreamworks Animation many years ago, but unfortunately they also had How to Train Your Dragon in development and the idea of two movies with flying dragon-like creatures was ultimately felt to be a stumbling block, despite the difference in tone! As for Zed and Mr Adlar’s relationship, Mr Adlar worked on training him up but because the software was based on Adam’s brainwaves, some of those were carried across to Zed. So in his distress, Zed felt Adam’s same urge to go looking for his father. So it was really Adam and Zed who had the special relationship. I’m glad you enjoyed the trilogy!

  • That new Secret Agent Mummy book sounds amazing, Steve! I wonder if SAM will become the hero-glyph of the adventure which takes place…

  • Hi Steve, Thank you for dropping off the book for Steven in Thame today. Is it possible to get it signed as it is a birthday pressie. Many thanks. Melanie

  • Guess what! I just been working on Heroric squad Zone Zero!
    do you like the name. here is some of it

    Chapter 1 – Find all details!
    Saburon was in the top control room. But something was going on no-one knew about.
    Saburon got the news letter. He was astonished. It said…
    Weirdo baddie guy took space ship
    Strange guy was caught as a space ship in Manchester city was taking of when a weird guy jumped in and pushed all the astronauts out and took of.
    Then the next part gave Saburon a big fright…
    On Sunday West Ham lost against Chelsea!

  • Hey, how about Heroric squad vs astosaurs
    like you did with astrosaurs vs CIA
    itll be really cool- two authors writing a book together!!!!

    • Sorry Simon, no more Astrosaurs for the time being, and I have a lot of books to write already! Just have fun with your writing, as you seem to be having! PS whatever name you write under here, your email address shows 😉

  • Here’s a joke…
    there once was a bold stegosaurus
    who frolicked upon the seashore-us
    though he didn’t oughtta
    he weed in the water
    and led the fish in a uproar-us!
    its from the terror bird trap!

  • Thanks Steve for launching this new book, I am so excited to read it like any other book of yours the dog!

  • We have looked at the front cover of your new book and can’t wait to read it. It looks awesome.


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