25 Jun 2016

Pay attention, 007…

I’ve been having a Bondcentric time of it, with a tour for my latest Young Bond novel Heads You Die and the next adventure publishing in September (and the next after that… well, just wait!). But somehow I’ve also found time over the last long while to get other bits of writing together…

Such as, a short story for the fun-packed humour anthology, Holiday Ha Ha Ha!

Holiday Ha ha ha

A creepy thriller called Mind-Writer for the lovely folk at Barrington Stoke publishing…


My brand new comedy-adventure novel, Invisible Inc (in the same mould as Magic Ink, Aliens Stink and – just to spoil the rhyming – Stop Those Monsters!)…


The fourth and my favourite Secret Agent Mummy adventure, The Ghost of King Tut! If you’ve never read a SAM, I really recommend this one!


Yesterday I appeared at a school in Hertford for MANGO BUBBLES DAY. Mango Bubbles is a cool site were kids can write, read and draw book reviews. I was so pleased when Abigail here rushed away after my talk and wrote her own book (complete with blurb!) based on an unfortunate event when I nearly knocked over some water and imagined what the consequences could have been…

I see that Abigail has already left some comments here on the blog! Good work!


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