20 Nov 2013

Lynne Chapman

Here’s amazing illustrator Lynne Chapman with a sketch of me she made while we were talking at a teacher’s conference in Norwich last week.

I’ve been doing a lot of talking lately – more talking that writing in fact!

I’ve been talking to my editor about rewrites for the first Young Bond book. It’s got me really excited, thinking of new ways to improve it. It feels REAL at last instead of fun fan fiction!

I’ve been talking at school events in Hampshire, from Southampton to Bordon, meeting lots of fun children, teachers and librarians.

And this weekend I will be co-hosting a stage at the BBC Doctor Who 50th anniversary celebration in East London, talking with lots of behind-the-scenes geniuses who have helped make Doctor Who what it is today. If you’re going, I hope to see you there.

Talking is good!

    • Ha ha – yes, I like the sound of that! (though the pen is in reality a Snoopy pen or one shaped like a squid – but that’s less impressive!)

  • Good luck Steve! I’m really looking forward to another installment in the YB series. The previous books were just brilliant and a tough act to follow I’m sure. I’m sure you can do it! Any chance we can get a sneak preview snippet? No… thought not. 🙂


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