13 Oct 2015


I’ve been talking about Young Bond a lot lately, at the Wimbledon Festival, Bath Festival and at the Cheltenham Festival – where I revealed the brand new cover for the first time…

New Young Bond announced by Steve Cole - HEADS YOU DIE


Heads You Die comes out next May in paperback and in a special Collector’s Limited Edition Hardback. I’ll keep you informed as to what you can expect as we get closer to publication…

In the meantime, it’s on with the Young Bond: Shoot to Kill paperback tour all next week! I shall be visiting schools in Norwich, London, Exmouth, Portsmouth and Brighton.

Let the action commence!

Steve Cole Festival Events

  • I’m looking forward to when that new young bond comes out, Steve…
    I can almost picture your cinematic voice saying the title and subtitle…

  • I like to see young bond taken into wartime see bond in A30 but also see him becoming the bond that we
    Know . Also gaining a mentor who becomes a teacher to him teaches him how to drive fast takes him to his first high stakes poker game and so on.

    • I’d like that too! Mind you, the Young Bond series has seen him do some pretty fast driving already, and do pretty well in cards…!

  • Hello

    A spin-off to young bond books it deals with the first 007. World War One is over there is a new world order there is the new USSR and it has created Smersh to deal with the new threats to British empire MI6 has created the 00 section . The first 007 is Royal Navy commander fought in battle of Jutland and lots of
    spy mission RNI then when war ended is brought into MI6 and becomes 007 he comes from upper class
    banking family went to eton then Oxford then Royal Navy has a lot of money short marriage in from 1929 to 1931 had a son in 1930 he lives in Art Deco apartment and lives the high life . There is also new Q branch that also has been created with a new Q .Story wise you would have all 1920’s and all of 1930’s as well as taken it into world war 2 and can take up to when he gives up the 007 number and James Bond takes the 007 number.

    • Hi Neil, that sounds like a cool idea. The world of early secret agenting is an exciting one. Young Bond is the focus for past adventures right now, but who knows…

    • Hi Martin! I loved writing the CIA books, but decided to stop at 12 (plus the joke book and the Astrosaurs vs Cows In Action crossover) so I could work on new ideas like Secret Agent Mummy. But someday I’d like to go back to them!


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