Fluffy Christmas!

24 Dec 2015

Well, since last I wrote I’ve written two drafts of my third Young Bond, finished off the second Young Bond, and been visiting a lot of schools and theatres.

One highlight was doing my talk at Bristol Grammar School, an amazingly old building… (click on the picture to make it bigger)

Steve Bristol

And I had an amazing time at the Swindon Youth Literature Festival, with a fantastic audience who really got involved. (Although they didn’t have much choice as I was running around shouting at them and taking pics!)

Swindon crowd

In the last little while, for younger readers I’ve also written the 6th Monstar Early Reader (2 are coming out next year, and one the year after) and a new comedy adventure called INVISIBLE, INC, with Jim Field illustrating. So with all that going on, it’s no wonder my hamster Fluffy decided to stage his own HAPPY CHRISTMAS scene! Here it is below…

Fluffy Christmas!




I hope you all have a wonderful, peaceful happy Christmas yourselves. Enjoy! And see you next year!


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