11 Dec 2013


Humphrey, my hamster, hopes you are having a happy December so far as Christmas slowly comes nearer…

I got an early Christmas present today when advance copy of the Magic Ink audiobook, read by me over 4 CDs, was delivered to my door!

Magic Ink audiobook

But the big event today was THE FIRST YOUNG BOND MEETING at my publisher’s swanky boardroom, hatching plans and plots to make sure the first book goes with a bang and a few bullet-holes next year… I’m so excited by all that’s to come. I hope you lot will be too!

  • The audiobook “sounds” great! I expect Posho has a good voice! Humphrey looks like he enjoys that snow. I wonder if he secretly works at the North Pole?

  • Awwww, Humphrey looks sooooo adorable, I wish I could give him a cuddle. I wonder if he’s secretly a secret agent that works with the cows in action with cool gadgets and awesome missions!

    • Humph is a highly adorable hamster, it must be said… and I’m sure he gets up to all kinds of secret stuff when I’m not looking. You should see the speed with which he climbs stairs! He is the Usain Bolt of hamsters.

  • Humphrey seems to be having fun on the sleigh! Maybe he is trying to prove that sleighs are Santa’s old transportation device, now he uses lampposts which lets him teleport from post to post.

    • Ha ha! That’s an excellent idea… and probably explains why some lampposts go out ahead of others – Santa’s overused them!


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