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14 Mar 2019

10 Schools and a Cross-Channel Ferry

“I thought he’d be an ordinary person!” one child declared when I came to their school…

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22 Sep 2018


I’ll be talking Astrosaurs and CIA at the Cheltenham Festival this year… and the Astrosaurs seem to have visited eastern Europe!

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24 Dec 2017

Happy Christmas!

Ho-ho-hope you have a lovely Christmas!

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18 Mar 2017

Pupil Library Assistant of the Year!

I went to the House of Commons on Friday for the Pupil Library Assistant of the Year Award…

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13 Mar 2017

Character building!

Large as life and twice as fun… dressing up and getting creative was the order of World Book Day!

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20 Feb 2017

Real Time Travel!

I have written a new Doctor Who audio play, and seeing the Daleks on the front cover of the CD got me thinking – when was the first time I saw a Dalek in the flesh? (Or rather, the metal-and-fibreglass…?)

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22 Dec 2016

2016 Writer Round-Up!

It’s the end of another busy year! Time for Steve to put a festive tangerine on the fire, slip on a comfy soup and look back at his worky-booky-publishingy highlights.

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28 Sep 2016

Strike Lightning!

Its name is Lightning… Strike Lightning… Yes, my latest Young James Bond novel is now out! So I went to Scotland and Newcastle to talk about it…

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28 Sep 2016

On the BBC…

If you’ve never seen one of my school events, you can watch me live – well, almost – on stage any time you like, thanks to Scottish Book Trust and the BBC…

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25 Jun 2016

Round up!

I’ve been pretty busy and neglected to tell you some of the latest stuff that’s been going on… Today I am poorly so I am going to do a quick round-up from my sick bed…

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05 May 2016

My 2nd Young Bond novel – HEADS YOU DIE – is published today!

I’ve also been wrapping up work on my 3rd Young Bond (out this autumn) while planning the story for my 4th. So my thoughts are very action-packed and James-flavoured at the moment.

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22 Jan 2016

The Horror! The Horror!

The third adventure for Sam the Secret Agent Mummy is now out – Hieroglyphs of Horror!

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24 Dec 2015

Fluffy Christmas!

Well, it’s been an exhausting blur of work and events but now Christmas is here I can have a couple of days off… and see what my hamster’s been up to!

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13 Oct 2015

Heads You Die!

The title and cover of my new Young Bond adventure have been revealed… it’s called Heads You Die! Check out the cover…

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04 Oct 2015

Where have I been?

I’ve been gone from here for ages! Writing like crazy! Let’s have a quick catch up, shall we? You know you want to.

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21 Jul 2015

Riding Dinosaurs

It’s the school holidays at last! I’m just remembering a recent school visit where I got to ride a giant brachiosaurus – as you do…

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06 Jun 2015


New book alert! New video alert! MONSTER alert!

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20 May 2015

Shoot a Paperback!

Check out the exciting new cover for Young Bond: Shoot to Kill in paperback… What do you think?

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21 Apr 2015

New Book!

I’ve been doing some fun events lately for the Oxford Festival and the Cambridge Festival too… and advance copies of my new book with Jim Field are in, too!

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25 Mar 2015

more travels

I’ve been on further travels – to Ireland and, er, Uxbridge!

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