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Astrosaurs Vs Cows In Action: The Dinosaur Moo-tants

Astrosaurs Vs Cows In Action: The Dinosaur Moo-tants

Evil is afoot in the Jurassic Quadrant. Terrifying mutant dinosaurs threaten to wipe out humanity... dinosaurs with twitching claws, razor-sharp teeth and...deadly udders?!

These aren't mutants - they're MOO-tants!

This is a deadly mission for a new superteam - one which can travel across space AND time.
Action, danger (and a few cups of tea) are in store when the ASTROSAURS meet the COWS IN ACTION!

But will the new friends be able to defeat their biggest, scariest, dairyest enemy yet? Or will the moo-tants destroy TWO of the bravest crime-fighting teams the universe has ever seen?
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