2016 Writer Round-Up!

22 Dec 2016

It’s been quite a Bond-flavoured writing year. At the start of 2016 I went over to The Hague to research the locations for Strike Lightning. Researching online is fine but it’s always good to visit a place if you can.
Hague street

Meanwhile, my second Young Bond was published in May, Heads You Die. I went on tour around the country promoting it at schools and festivals. It seems, as yet, no one has noticed the Alex Rider joke I slipped in…

Heads You Die

I had two more Secret Agent Mummy books published this year, too – along with Invisible Inc, a couple of new Monstar books and a short story in a funny collection, Holiday Ha Ha Ha!

Secret agent mummy 4

I also had a short, spooky book called MINDWRITER published by Barrington Stoke. The illustrations by Nelson Evergreen are brilliant. I’m happy to say I have another book out with BS next year.


In July I found myself sitting in a giant chair in Leicester Square, reading a section of Roald Dahl’s The BFG as part of the celebrations around the release of the new movie. The very next day, Steven Spielberg sat on this chair. COINCIDENCE??

BFG chair!

The following month saw me up in Edinburgh recording a BBC Authors Aloud show with the Scottish Book Trust which you can watch by clicking here. There’s also, mysteriously, a word-for-word transcript there which reveals just what nonsense I talk on a stage.

Steve Cole - Authors Live

Steve Cole – Authors Live

I was soon back into James Bond mode. Strike Lightning is set partly at Fettes College in Edinburgh and the staff there really helped me with my research. I kicked off the book tour there with a special evening event.

Strike Lightning

I was pleased to learn that my comic novel with Jim Field, Invisible Inc, was shortlisted for the Leeds Book Award. My first Young Bond novel, Shoot to Kill, has also been shortlisted for the South East Book Awards, which is nice.


Over the Christmas holidays I shall be finishing work on my fourth Young Bond novel, Red Nemesis, which is just back from the copy-editor! It contains some of my favourite scenes from all my Bond work, and some of the most spectacular action I’ve dished out to the lad…

Red Nemesis James Bond

I hope you’ve had a busy and enjoyable year. Thanks for reading, and I look forward to scribbling more for you in 2017!


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